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About us

The Welsh Craft Shop

Den and Maddy Clark
We are a small family business working in the hills of Wales. Originally from England we have been in Carmarthen since 1982 where we have built up the business. Den has been engraving since he was 15, as an apprentice he worked in London, Clerkenwell, his training took him through all the different aspects of engraving, die sinking and tool making. He also attended the Central School of Arts & Crafts in Holborn,England.
Maddy is a corn dolly maker and has been involved in making corn dollies for the last 20 years, her work has involved making pieces for Vivienne Westwood, Jamie Olivers basement restaurant, and an up and coming young dress designer Katrina Ferrari and many more to numerous to mention, along with helping Den in his engraving business which he runs from Carmarthen Market on a Wednesday and Saturday. Please be assured this is a secure site. If you go to https://maddy2001-ivil.tripod.com/thewelshcraftshop2 it is the same website you will see the padlock symbol but because I use an alias name which is www.thewelshcraftshop.co.uk it is easier to remember but comes up as an insecure site. You can order from either of these sites.