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Maddy`s Corn Dollies

The Welsh Craft Shop

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Some of my corn dollies you can buy here, if you need to see the full range go to www.corndollies.co.uk will be adding more here soon. Please do not try and add corn dollies from this site and my corn dolly site at the same time. You will end up with two shopping carts.
If ordering outside the UK please email me first before ordering for postage/shipping rates.

Handmade in Carmarthen, Wales.

Earth Mother 30.00 plus P&P
earth mother.jpg

This corn dolly which is very simple, and could be very old in origin, they were first made at a time when their symbolic function was the most important. Its oval shape is an ancient symbol representing a woman, which is why it is called Harvest Mother.

Harvest Mother 22.00 plus P&P
harvest mother
Most corn dollies are for fertility, in one way or the other, the original meaning was to give fertility to the harvest, that the crop would be good that year. Corn dollies are given for a variety of reasons, they could be for fertility, or a house blessing, weddings, handfastings, christenings, babynamings, and used by many Wicca/Pagan in rituals for Sabbaths or Esbats etc.

The Welsh Fan is a very popular house blessing and also makes a great gift to take home if you come to Wales on holiday.

Welsh Fan 20.00 plus P&P
Welsh Fan £20.00
Nek Corn dolly 22.00 plus P&P
Fertility (Nek) £22.00
Maddy`s email

The traditional `Nek` corn dolly is one I would recommend for fertility for more info go to http://www.corndollies.co.uk
Make sure you order the correct `Nek` because one has a minature `Nek`  included with the larger one. The fertility one is priced at 25.00 plus P&P you can order that one here from the drop down menu.

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