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Welsh Slate House Signs

The Welsh Craft Shop

Welsh Slate house signs available in various formats, and fonts. Celtic, Stonehenge, or Roman style font. Our new font style Tiffany (which is slightly fancier then the Roman style and available in upper and lower case) with or without corner motifs or borders. Colours Gold, Silver or White. Size of slate approx.100mm.(4" )in width and length to suit number of letters.Thickness of slate approx.15mm.(1/2") Count all characters and hypens as a letter. Accents on letters are included in price. Roman font size approx 38mm (1.1/2") Celtic font size approx 30mm-45mm (1.1/4"-1.7/8ths")Numbers not available in Celtic. Stonehenge font size approx 34mm-43mm (1.3/8th"-1.3/4") The Celtic and Stonehenge letters vary in size, for eg. the E would be smaller then the G as is the norm with all Celtic typefaces. Timescale for signs approx 2-3 weeks. Click on picture to enlarge for a better quality image. To see other examples go to www.slatehousesigns.co.uk

Email us with your requirements.

Tiffany font.
Tiffany font
Stonehenge font with border 2
Pair of Daffodils
Pair of Daffodils
Number ,Celtic font and motifs
Infilled white
Roman with celtic motif
Celtic motifs with border
Tiffany style
Tiffany upper & Lower case

Stonehenge font.
Infilled gold

Stonehenge number with lettering
Double line sign.
Diagonal number
Infilled silver
Roman font
Tiffany font