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Tarot and Oracle Cards

The Welsh Craft Shop

A variety of tarot cards available to purchase at Carmarthen Market on a Wednesday or Saturday. Some of the cards displayed may have been sold or new ones available which are not displayed here.

Gentle Wisdom of the Fairie Realms
Inspirational Card Deck
Inspirational Card Deck
Native American tarot
Native American Tarot
The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck
the original rider waite tarot deck.jpg
The Gendron Tarot
Love Spells Deck
Love Spells Deck
The Tarot of the Secret Forest
tarot of the secret forest.jpg

Aleister Crowley Tarot deck. Std.
aleister crowley thoth tarotcards.standard.jpg

Universal Waite Tarot Deck
universal waite tarot deck.jpg

Shaman Wisdom Cards

Healing with the Angels Oracle cards
healing withthe angels.jpg

The Power of the Runes
The Vampire Tarot
the vampire tarot.jpg
The Goddess Tarot
Tarot of a Moon Garden
tarot of a moon garden.jpg
Animal Spirits Oracle cards
Forest Folklore
forest folklore tarot.jpg
Dragon Tarot
dragon tarot.jpg
Power Animal Oracle
Tarot and Oracle Cards