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Magickal Herbs

The Welsh Craft Shop

A variety of herbs for magical and ritual use.There use is not recommended for culinary or medicinal use as I cannot guarantee in what conditions they have been grown in or how they have been stored etc. Under the 1968 Medicines Act I am forbidden to offer any advice on the medicinal use of herbs or herbal preparations and I accept no liability for how you use any herb you buy from me.
Californian white sage wand from Arizona Approx 4" per wand and large approx. 8"

Large white sage bundle

Some of the herbs and resins that are available from Carmarthen Market Frankinscense,Dragons Blood,Copal,Myrrh, Lavender, Graveyard dust,mugwort, wormwood.

Sandalwood Red (Pterocarpus santalinus)

Gender-Feminine, Planet -Venus, Element -Water, Powers-Love. Sandalwood can be burned to bring love. It can also be sprinkled in areas that need to be cleansed of negativity.

Magical Herbs