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House Names

The Welsh Craft Shop

There are a few more examples of Welsh House names on www.welshhousenames.co.uk 

 AUR FRYN                      Gold Hill

AUR Y BYD                      Gold of the World

AWEL DEG                      Pleasant Breeze

AWEL TYWI                    Breeze of the Tywi

AWEL Y BRYN                Hill Breeze

AWEL Y MOR                  Sea Breeze

BRIALLU GWYLLT         Wild Primroses

BRIG Y DON                   Crest of the Wave

BRIGY WAWR               Top of the Dawn/Rise

             BRO HAUL                     Sunny Area

             CLOSGLAS                    Green Court

CLUNGWYN                   White Meadow

CLUNPURFAITH           Perfect Meadow

DROS Y NIWL                Over the Mist

             DRWS-Y-COED              Opening of the Wood

             DRWS Y NANT               Opening of the Stream

             DYFFRYN HELYG      Willow Valley

ERW-DEG                     Fair Acre

EIRIANFRON               Snow Hillside

ENWYN                          Buttermilk

ERWLON                       Merry/Happy Acre

ERW LAS                      Blue Acre

FFYNNON WEN            Fair Well

FRON FEDW                Hillside of Birch

FRONDEG                     Fair Hill

FRONFELEN               Yellow Hillside

FRONFOEL                  Bare Hill

GELLIHIR                    Long Wood

GLAN YR AFON           Near the River

GLANMOR                    Sea Shore

GLASFRYN                   Blue/Green Hill

GLAS-Y-DORLAN         Kingfisher

GOLWG-Y-MOR            Sea View

HAFOD                          Summer Dwelling Place



The Small Booklet of Welsh House Names