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More Corn Dollies

The Welsh Craft Shop


Corn dollies date back to pagan times. Straw symbols, such as corn dollies or the harvest maid have always been associated with the gathering in of the crops. They were made in the field from the last sheaf, and many different designs came about from various areas.


In the early part of the 19thC, English farmers in rural areas were carrying out ceremonies of which the original meaning was completely lost. Eg: the worship of the goddess of the corn.


The art of making the corn dolly was handed down from father to son, and the whole ceremony ended with the triumphant return of the last load with the corn dolly held in the arms of the prettiest girl in the village. It was then hung up in the farmhouse until the following year. There are many variations of this story.


Corn dollies made from wheat, is what the peoples of the British Isles call “corn”, it has deep pagan symbolic roots.

Celtic Knot 22.00
Celtic Knot £22+P&P

Corn Maiden 22.00
Corn Maiden £22+P&P

Wedding favors
Large quantities of wedding favors can be made, sizes would vary depending on size of the heads of wheat used. Designs and weaving pattern can be varied but all will be basically the celtic knot, could be small knot, large knot, an oval knot, or resembling two hearts entwined.


Heart of Corn 22.00
Heart of Corn £22+P&P

To see more information and more pictures of my corn dollies please go to my website www.corndollies.co.uk

Corn dollies for fertility, house blessings, weddings, handfastings, baby namings, christenings, Wicca and Pagan rituals etc.