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Welsh Fan & Corn Maiden
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Normal delivery within about 10-14 days if I am making to order for the UK and up to 2 -3 weeks elsewhere. Sizes can vary by about 2 or 3 inches in length and width. If outside the UK  please ask for shipping rates before placing order.

Eye of the Moon 25.00Plus P& P
Eye of the Moon
Size approx 11-13"including tassle x 7-8" these sizes can vary slightly

Moroccan Fan.House Blessing 13.00 + P&P


Heart of Corn .House Blessing 22.00 Plus P&P
Heart of Corn.House Blessing
size approx 11" -13"x 11"-12"


Celtic Knot 25.00 Plus P&P
Celtic  knot corn dolly

Welsh Fan and Corn Maiden

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Welsh Harp 25.00 plus P&P
Welsh Harp
Size approx 13" x 8" these sizes can vary slightly

Traditional Corn Dolly `NEK` 25.00 plus P&P
Traditional Nek.jpg
Comes with a minature `Nek` type dolly
The `Nek` corn dolly which is one I would recommend for fertility comes with a miniature corn dolly. Details will be sent with dolly.


For a `Nek` Corn dolly that is not required for fertility 22.00


Reverse weave small horseshoe 15.00 Plus P&P
reverse weave horseshoe.jpg

Size approx 5" x 6"


Tree Corn dolly set 15.00 plus P&P
3 treecorndollies.jpg
Designs may vary from picture shown.

A set of 3 small corn dollies. Welsh Fan,Heart of Corn,Sweetheart,  Can be used as Yule/Xmas tree decorations or for rituals etc.