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Welsh Fan & Corn Maiden
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These Corn Dollies are handmade in Carmarthen, Wales. You can pay with any credit card through PayPal.

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Normal delivery within about 10-14 days if item needs to be made )  for the UK and up to 2 -3 weeks  elsewhere. If ordering from outside the UK please ask for shipping rates before ordering. Sizes can vary between 2 - 3 inches in length and width. Depending on the size of the wheat that I am using.

Small Heart 15.00 plus P&P
small  heart.jpg
approx 4-6" x 6-8"

Entwined hearts(double Mordiford) 22.00 + P&P
double mordiford.jpg

Harvest Mother 22.00 plus P&P
Harvest Mother
Size approx 16" x 9"

The Harvest Mother is a very ancient symbol of our mother the earth. The centre part is the womb of the Earth from which we are born and to which we must return. The figure as a whole represents the fertility and abundance of the earth. This design represents the Spirit of the Grain and symbolizes joy and prosperity, and was said to bring luck and happiness into the home. Place her where you can see her daily and she will brighten up your life.

Sweetheart 8.50 plus P&P size approx 8" x 4"-6"

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Welsh Fan and Corn Maiden

Picture Gallery 2

Picture Gallery 3

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Large Heart 22.00 plus P&P
approx 6-7" x 13-15"

Large Horseshoe 22.00 Approx size 12" x 8"
Horseshoe with ribbon handle.
Small Horse 12.00 Approx size 6" x 7" handle lengths varies

Large Horseshoe with ribbon handle.

Small horseshoe with ribbon handle

Horseshoe&Whip 33.00 plus P&P size approx 10"x8"
horseshoe & whip

Sun Spray 12.00 plus P&P Size approx 6" x 5"
Sun Spray