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Corn dolly headdress`s

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Katrina Ferrari
Collection - Hexenjagd ( witch hunt) a/w 10
Hexenjagd was based on a series of pagan associations and practices, from the Wicker Man to eerie forests and witch hunts in the 15th Century. 
After researching I realised I wanted to use a traditional craft within the collection, I came across Corn Dollies and began thinking of them as accessories, and started to design elaborate headpieces.
However the Corn Dollies also became part of the clothing and I used the fabric to represent them, by twisting and using padded tubes.
I wanted to introduce the idea of the Corn Dollies into the fashion industry as accessories.
From the success of Hexenjagd I am setting up my own label and continuing with the idea of the Corn Dollies in my current collection that I am working on.
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Afraid this website seem to be out of use. Not sure of the whereabouts of Katrina.