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Welsh Fan & Corn Maiden
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The model in the picture on the left can be seen holding a Cornucopia or Horn of plenty filled with flowers. The model on the right is wearing a tiara, but it could also be worn as a necklace.
The end of the show
The end of the show
Model wearing a tiara

The horns on these models were fun to make. The picture on the right has the horns  attached to a woven band on a wire, and the picture to the left has the horns attached to a straw hat. I did not make the hat.

Horns on straw hat
horns attached to a straw hat.jpg
Mother Earth
mother earth.jpg

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Mother Earth
mother earth necklet.jpg
Gold plated necklace
paris collection necklace.jpg
paris collection earringshoops.jpg
paris collection earrings.jpg

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010

This necklace was made from some of the bracelets I made for the show. I didnt have time to make another set for this necklace as it had to be gold plated.

paris collection necklace.jpg

Hooped corn dolly earrings gold plated
paris collection earrings hoops.jpg

Corn dolly earrings
paris collection earrings.jpg