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Maddy`s Corn Dollies

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Hi everyone, Thanks for stopping by. These Corn Dollies are all handmade in Wales by me, and can be posted to most parts of the world, (Australia and New Zealand have certain restrictions on wheat products) If ordering from outside the UK please ask for P&P rates. Corn dollies can be purchased online through Paypal with the easy click payment for dollies similar to pictures displayed. Any credit card is accepted. If a cheque is used for payment email me with your requirements. While you are here please look around, you will find some photos which may interest you. They may take a minute or two to download. Please note that as these dollies are all individually made they may all vary in size and colour, and no two will be exactly the same. I may decide to place a ribbon in a different place or perhaps I might make a slight alteration using artistic license. Most of these corn dollies are now made to order only,if I haven`t got one already made please allow 10-14 days. Hope to hear from you soon. Maddy xxx

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Welsh Fan and Corn Maiden

It was once believed that a spirit lived in the cornfield and died when the corn was cut. A corn dolly was plaited from the last sheaf of corn thereby providing a resting place for the corn spirit and ensuring the continuity of the harvest the following year.

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Harvest Mother 22.00 plus P&P
Click on picture to enlarge. size approx 16

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