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Welsh House Names and their meanings

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Welsh House Names and their meanings
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Welsh and English

Ardwyn~On a Hill
Argoed~By a Wood
Awel Deg~Pleasant Breeze
Awel Y Bryn~Hill Breeze
Banc-Y-Bedw~Hillside of the Birch
Blodau Bach~Small Flowers
Bryncleddau~Hill of Swords
Bwthyn Rhosyn~Rose Cottage
Cae Gwyllt~Wild Field
Caerodyn~Kiln in the Field
Cefn-Y-Grug~Ridge of Heather
Dan Y Deri~Beneath the Oak
Delfryn~Pretty Hill
Dolafon~Meadow River
Efail Wen~Old Blacksmith
Erw Las~Blue Acre
Esgairhir Isaf~Lower Long Ridge
Fanheulog~Sunny Place
Fford Y Blaenau~Head of the Valley
Ffynnon Dowel~Quiet Spring
Gelli~Small Wood
Ger Y Nant~Near the Stream
Glanyrynys~Near the Island
Hafan Dawel~Quiet Haven
Hafod Y Coed~Summer Wood
Heddfan~Peaceful Hill
Iscoed~Below the Wood
Isfryn~Under the Bank
Islwyn~Below the Grove
Lasgoed~Blue/Green Wood
Llainalaw~Place of Song
Maes-Y-Haf~Summer Meadow
Maes-Y-Wawr~Dawn Meadow
Nythfa~Nesting Place
Nant Y Wennol~Swallows of the Stream
Nyth-Y-Dryw~The Wren`s Nest

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On this page I have listed a few examples from my booklet.

All the names in this book have been complied from the names of signs that have been given to us for engraving onto Nameplates. Most of the translations have been given to us by our customers, where this has not been possible, the translations have been made by various people who have a sound knowledge of the Welsh Language.

There may be some translations that may not be right, and this could be because a farm or house has been known by a certain name for a hundred or more years, and over that period of time, mistakes could have occurred in the Welsh spelling, and in the meaning of the name.

Should you be thinking of finding a suitable name from this booklet, please be aware that I can not be responsible for any errors in this booklet or for any of the content on this site.

All I can assure you of is that all these names are in use now, or were when signs were engraved for them.