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The practice of naming houses goes back to Ancient Babylon, and is now found all over the world.

Surely there`s something strange but comforting about the mainly British activity of naming their homes.

During our years of engraving house names Den has been asked to produce such names as "Every Penny" for a couple who had obviously stretched their finances to the limit.

An Englishman living in Wales jokingly called his house "Cwmere" (Cwm in Welsh being a dip in the land) This then would sound like "Come `ere in English.

A computer programmer asked us to make a house name with "Wysiwyg" "What you see is what you get".

An American who was on his way back home asked us to produce a house name with Ty Lan Y Mor (House by the Sea) engraved on it and, post it to Arizona,where he lived in the mountains, which proves that the British are not the only eccentrics in the world.

Some Welsh House names could be giving you an insight into the credentials of the property.
"Ffynnon Dowel" (Which was a water logged smallholding) Meaning of the name was "Quiet Spring"

"Awelfryn" could be a drafty location, but means "Breezy Hill"

"Bryngwyn" or "White Hill" we assume that the hill is white, because most of the time there is water cascading down it.

But on the brighter side we have "Hafod Y Waun" or "Summer Meadow" "Cysgod Y Deri" or "Shelter of the Oak".

If you would like to know more of these names click on Welsh House Names and their meanings, but of course you would benefit more by having this delightful little book to browse through at your leisure.

Welsh House Names and their meanings

If you have an English House Name and would like the Welsh translation for it, or would just like to know the meaning of a Welsh House Name please contact me, and I will try to help you.


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