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In this booklet you will find many Welsh House Names and their translations into the English language. This is a unique book in that I haven`t come across another one like it. There are many books for Place Names, and even Street Names. On browsing through the book you will note that some of the meaning`s of the names may seem strange to you. Eg: Maes-Y-Garreg. which means Stone in middle of field(Standing Stone).

A lot of Farms,Cottages,and Barns are named because of perhaps a River nearby, or a Tree, or even because of a particular animal that may frequent the fields or land nearby. The list is endless and can only be appreciated by seeing this booklet for yourselves.

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Any books ordered please allow up to 10 days for delivery, although every effort will be made to get your order to you as soon as possible. As you can appreciate this is very much a Cottage Industry. Thank you.

The Small Booklet of Welsh House Names

Welsh House Names and their meanings

This unique booklet first published
in 1998 and  has over 1450
Welsh House Names all 
with the English Translations.
The list is growing all the time.

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