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John Hutchinson Illustrator

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The Clock Tower
The Clock Tower

As found in the South Wales Guardian  08/07/2009 (some small alterations made by webmaster Maddy)


Why do I do it? I suppose it keeps me off the streets!”

Amman Valley-based illustrator John Hutchinson is the man whose sketchings have captured the heart and soul of Carmarthen and Ammanfords markets.

For the past 15 years, the veteran artist has become a familiar sight at the town market as he captures the ever-changing scenes for posterity. Stallholders, customers and even the passing policeman or pet dog have all found their way onto his canvas. “It helps me keep in touch with the real world,” said John who must have produced literally hundreds of sketches of Carmarthen and Ammanford shoppers.

“What I like about the markets is that it not only gives me the chance to draw, but I can also persuade people to sit for me.”

During his long career Mr Hutchinson has worked as an illustrator in London and Cambridgeshire.

Now living in Coronation Road, Upper Brynaman, he confesses the urge to draw remains as strong as ever.

John,79, does portraits as well as crowd scenes and reckons the work helps keep him young.

“It’s good practice for me,” he explained.

“I’m an old codger now – but doing this helps keep me off the streets!”

Anyone interested in a sketch or posing for a portrait can contact John Hutchinson on 01269 824 248. Can also be found at the outdoor market in Carmarthen on a Wednesday or Saturday depending on the weather, ring first if making a special journey.


This is a picture John sketched of me which also appeared in the South Wales Guardian 08/07/2009. I have had it framed and adorns the wall of my sitting room, it is the best picture I have ever had and beats photographs which I never seem to like much, this sketch beats the lot and I love it.