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The Welsh Craft Shop

 Just a few items of interest to the Pagan and Wicca community.
Some of these items are for sale and can be seen on the unit in Carmarthen Market on a Wednesday or Saturday.

Pentacle infilled Gold 22.50

Pentacle infilled silver. 22.50

New handcrafted product by Den Clark on sale at Carmarthen Market. Each one is made individually.

Welsh slate altar tiles engraved with a pentacle and infilled in Gold, Silver or plain. Size 5" x 5" (125mm)and approx 1/2" (19mm) thick. These are made to the same good quality as our house name plates.

Nag Champa 1.50 per box

Twisted wooden wand with crystals 18.00
Wands may vary in design from picture illustrated.

Small cauldron 15.00 Charcoal discs 2.00 packet

Nag Champs cones 1.50 per packet

Pentagram cauldron 19cm tall without handle 28.00

Spell candles. Traditionally made 50p each

Pagan and Wicca