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The Welsh Craft Shop

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Welcome to the Welsh Craft Shop. Here you will find a small family shop making and selling engraved Welsh Slate, Brass and laminate signs.
Publishing and printing a Welsh House name booklet, Handcrafted corn dollies.  Also selling lovespoons and many interesting items for the Pagan community.
If your are living in or near to Carmarthen you will find us in Carmarthen Market on a Wednesday or Saturday between 10am-4pm. There you can order signs. 

There is also a large range of items to buy.


Slate sign with Welsh Dragon
 The Welsh Craft Shop
Carmarthen Indoor Market
Unit T5
Carmarthen, SA31 1QY
Shop open Weds & Saturday.
10am to 4pm
Mobile No: 07710 203 261 Weds and Sats only
Home/Workshop No: 01269 845144

The Welsh Craft Shop