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I am John. At the moment I am working on a casual basis in The National Botanical Gardens of Wales, where you can have your portrait drawn.  Please ring me if you are making a special journey to see me, just to confirm I am there on that day.

This is a sketch of the clock tower at Carmarthen Market. It`s anyones guess how long the tower will remain once the developers get their hands on it. 
Sketch of Carmarthen Market
Street musicians are fairly popular in Carmarthen, especially during the summer months.
Street musician
Below is an oil painting of a young girl. I have a large collection of oil paintings for sale ranging from portraits to scenes
Oil painting of a young girl

An oil painting of `Carreg Cennen Castle` at Trapp, Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

Woman reading paper
Tiny Tot

Hope you have enjoyed viewing a very small example of my work, and I look forward to seeing you sometime.
Goodbye for now and thank you for your time.
John Hutchinson.