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Handmade in Carmarthen, Wales.

This corn dolly which is very simple, and could be very old in origin, they were first made at a time when their symbolic function was the most important. Its oval shape is an ancient symbol representing a woman, which is why it is called Harvest Mother.

Harvest Mother

Most corn dollies are for fertility, in one way or the other, the original meaning was to give fertility to the harvest, that the crop would be good that year. Corn dollies are given for a variety of reasons, they could be for fertility, or a house blessing, weddings, handfastings,christenings, babynamings, and used by many Wicca/Pagan in rituals for Sabbaths or Esbats etc.
Visit my Corn Dolly website where you will find more designs, history and  folklore.

Welsh Fan
Welsh Fan
Maddy Clark
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The Welsh Fan is a very popular house blessing and also makes a great gift to take home if you come to Wales on holiday.