Shang and Tang

Tang Sun Pics

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Tang`s Daddy
Tang`s Dad

Am told my coat will get better as I get older, the colours will be more defined and not so fuzzy looking.

Still got Fuzzy coat
coats till fuzzy
Tang Sun


31/08/2008 There is a weeks difference between some of these pictures, and according to the scales Tang has put on just over 6 oz.

Bengal Boy Tang
approx 10 weeks
Tang Sun

My new scratching post
new scratching post.jpg
Tang Sun 10 weeks old
What do you think of the fur coat?
Tang Sun
The pair of us

Wow! This is great a climbing frame. The only problem with this is when the fires alight it can be a tiny bit hot on the pads, but apart from that great fun.


Oh so tired¬¬
Oh so tired.jpg

Aged 8 and a half months
tang stretched out.jpg
I`m in the bread basket!!
on top of the fridge.jpg

Shang Moon is a Balinese (Longhair Siamese)x BSH
Tang Sun is a 3/4 Bengal, 1/4 BSH