Shang and Tang

Shang Moon`s Diary 2010

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Shang Moon. DOB.Friday 25th April 2008
Tang Sun.DOB. Friday 13th June 2008
Diary as told by Shang  and put into print
by Maddy

14/02/2010  Tang came in from the garden feeling very sorry for himself and took to his bed for 2-3days not eating and when he did get up he was really stiff then I noticed he could`nt jump up to things like getting on a chair (his back leg seemed to be hurting him) hence the reason he was laying about a lot. A few days later he was back to his usual self. 
15/02/2010 Today I came across some painkillers(Ibupfronen) on the kitchen worktop, Maddy forgot about them. 15 mins later when she  went to take them she noticed one had gone and the other one was sticky and it was only me (Shang) that was walking about at the time. Maddy looked up on the internet it said if a cat swallows Ibupfronen they can get liver damage worse still kidney damage and it will kill them. I freaked out didn`t I, so did Maddy. She searched everywhere on the floor and can only assume that I swallowed one of her pills.  I suppose she should have rushed me to the vet but somehow  she didnt think I could have swallowed one. A couple of days on I was fine, no problems, according to one person I would be dead in 4 days.
21/02/2010 Maddy started to worry again as I was dribbling from my mouth quite badly, but still seemed ok. Had a bit of a sleepness night both of us did.
22/02/2010  Today not much  dribbling so Maddy has now assumed I may have eaten something outside which irritated my mouth, I am still full of life, so I think Maddy may be worrying for nothing now. Oops!! I now have a bout of the collywobbles. Maddy is now worrying again, could it be kidney failure. Hopefully not, but it could be the Felix chicken/liver in gravy which I had on the 21st and another food with offal in it today. Don`t like that much. Just hope it is the food!!!
Shang lives on.
26th June 2010  Full MoonWhere were you last night?
Maddy and Den got home from the market about 5 and Den decided to let us out, entirely against Maddy`s wishes. But there you go. Come 9pm I had come in but no sign of Tang. The grown ups  are beginning to get worried. 12pm still no sign, they have been calling and calling. Den stayed up for awhile until he found the sofa a bit uncomfortable then went to bed. Maddy couldn`t sleep at all.
Next morning they went searching everywhere, calling and calling still no sign. Maddy then resorted to calling on the tree spirits to show him the way home, she did a few other things, cast a getting home safe spell, you name it, it was done.
 Out of the blue Tang appeared, covered in straw and the pads on his paws were all bloody. Maddy and Den came to the conclusion that perhaps Tang was chased up a tree by ,they do not know what, it got dark so he stayed the night, then found he coudn`t get down the said tree so ended up sliding down and catching his paw pads on the rough surface of the tree and then perhaps falling on his back at the end.
After his bad experience he had some food then went to lie down for several hours. At the moment he is staying close to the house and not even wanting to be out for so long.
Don`t think he will forget this in a hurry.
25th July  Another Full Moon and Tang not come home.
26th July Have only just realised that Tang is disappearing on a full moon. How weird is that. Thankfully he turned up today  unharmed, very very hungry. He is now fast asleep absolutely drained.!!!

Shang Moon is a Balinese (Longhair Siamese)x BSH
Tang Sun is a 3/4 Bengal, 1/4 BSH