Shang and Tang

Shang Moon`s diary 2009

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Shang Moon. DOB.Friday 25th April 2008
Tang Sun.DOB. Friday 13th June 2008
Diary as told by Shang  and put into print
by Maddy

09/01/2009 Well a new year has begun and I am looking forward to the spring when Maddy and Den are going to let us run loose, under their surpervision of course. I heard Maddy saying something about getting a whistle to blow when we are to come back if we have wondered off to far, that should be interesting.
Its nearly a full moon and the conservatory is lit up as though a couple of lights are on. It is great fun dancing under the moonlight.  Well not exactly dancing more like running around like lunatics.Looking forward to the full moon on Sunday.
18/01/09 Not much to write about lately, it has been so wet and haven`t been able to go out for our walks. Sob!!Sob!! Tang is up on top of the fridge/freezer in a bread basket. He thinks a baguette basket is a basket for Bengals, he needs his hearing adjusting.  Tried a new food today, Felix as good as it looks, and it is pretty good, hope Maddy gets that all the time.
22/01/2009 Was given some Whiskas adult cat food, made me sick, don`t want that again.
15/02/2009 It was a lovely day today and I was allowed out on my own. I did panic a bit and went across the road to try and get into the woods but to much foliage about, then I heard Maddy shouting and I went rushing up the road past the house, I just went to pieces. Hope I will be able to try it again. Perhaps I might be a bit more sensible next time.
Thought this might be interesting, or should I say funny. Tang and I have got a feeding bowl that hold our dry food for snacks etc and it is divided in two halves, it is really an old fashioned serving dish. Well we both seem to eat from one side only, don`t know why, but Den was actually picking the dry food out of one side and putting it in the other. Would you believe it, the silly muppett, why didn`t he just turn the bowl around??
22/02/2009 Went out alone again today, even Tang had a go on his own. Only because he got off of his lead. But it wasn`t to bad, I was really a good girl. Tang a bit excited darting here and everywhere.
01/03/2009 Another exciting day, we both were loose in the garden, as usual I was the good girl and Tang played around a bit, didn`t want to come in when it was time. Fortunately we were both hungry so Tang was the first to go in for food. Iwasn`t quiete so nieve but eventually I did go in. It was great fun climbing trees and sneaking into the field next door. I actually went around the back of the house and arrived at the front again. That was cool. Just want another nice day in the sun.
12/03/2009 Got to go out again today. It was great, Tang was whizzing up and down the trees just like a monkey, crossing over from one to the other. I climbed a couple, but didn`t go up to far. I like to stay close to home just in case a car comes zooming up the road. We hav e discovered a door in the garden that leads to the road, it used to have a roof over it but all that is left is the wood, it was great fun climbing all over it. Den made replace the roof and leave a little hidy hole for us to climb in and out of. Just remembered I heard Maddy ordering a play tunnel for us. That will be great when it turns up.
19/03/2009 Havent had time to fill in my dairy for a couple of days, been to busy exploring the great outside. Tang has been across the stream and loves the water. I ventured into the next field and went about 30ft up a very large oak tree, it was great. Tang seems to go off by himself a lot but think he will return if he gets frightened or worse still hungry. Fortunately his stomach rules his head.  Maddy was cleaning the summer house out so I had a look about. I remember being locked in their when Maddy`s niece came down with Tilly, there will be two dogs this year a new puppy called Gemma. I wondered if we will be able to play with them?
29/03/2009 A lovely sunny day so we got to go out. Think we must have been out the whole day jumping and climbing over everything in sight. I did a silly thing and climbed on the roof of Den`s workshop and slid off, didn`t realise I couldn`t grip onto it. Won`t do that again in a hurry. We both stayed fairly close to the house, it seems the best thing to do espcailly when tractors and cars come roaring down the road. Thankfully that doesn`t happen to often.
30/03/2009 Thought I was getting my days mixed up. We got to go out again, only for a short while, it was trying to rain. Mind you I wasn`t to worried about going out we are both still tired from the previous day. As Maddy is writing this we are both sparko, Tang wedged into the out tray on her desk and I have gone up to Maddy and Den`s bedroom. The bed has just been changed. I do like nice fresh sheets.
20/04/2009 A bad day today. Maddy and Den should have been doing a course up at the Botqnical Garden of Wales but it was cancelled so they got home about 5pm after having a free look around the gardens. It was a glorious sunny day so we got to go out. Just as we were basking in the sun Merlin the neighbours cat from a 1/4 mile away turned up and scared the hell out of me, then pounced on Tang. He screamed and then in fear he shot across to the woods and ended up 20`ft up a tree. I was more snesible I went indoors the door had been left open just in case of an emergency just like this one. It was difficult to get Tang out of the tree. Den had been trying for 3 hours, he even rung the fire brigade, they weren`t interested, the RSPCA said leave him for 24hrs, he will come down. Well Den was not going to leave him all night up a tree in the dark, so he tied the ladder up and tried again, this time with the cat carrying box, after awhile he eventually went in and Den slammed the door closed catching his tail, but that did`nt really matter, Den just wanted to get him down. Everything turned out alright in the end, Tang was at last home, we were both traumatised by the event.
23/04/2009 After all the what happened the other day we decided to stay real close to home. We got to go out about 11am and just kept our eye on Maddy most of the time., and as soon as we heard out names being called we were there. Not taking anymore chances of the big black bxxxxxd trying to get us again.
23/05/2009 A month has passed and not a lot to write about. We have been going out now about 2-3 days a week and it is really good. We do tend to stay nearer the house now, it feels a lot safer. Forgot to mention we have now discovered the roof and have lots of fun climbing all over it. Havent managed to climb the chimney stack yet, but in time we will figure it out.
07/06/2009 In the last 3 weeks we have discovered the art of catching mice and bumble bees. I say we I mean me, Tang hasn`t brought any animals home yet, unless he has eaten them, but I have brought 2 voles home, one today and that is hiding under a cupboard in the kitchen. The trouble as soon as I bring the creatures in doors and put them down I am hurried out of the room, I never see them again, but I did hear that the last creature excaped to the little kitchen and is in hiding, we may be able to catch it tonight unless it gets caught in the humane mouse trap. The bee was a tricky customer so small but I kept it alive and when I dropped it again I was wisked away and I never saw the bee again!!!
23/06/2009 Time to write diary again . Well we have been out regularly a couple of times a week, and I must admit it is great. Tang has now proved himself and has caught a baby bird and numerous mice,voles, etc. He plays with them untill they are exhausted (dead) and then leaves them for somebody else to dispose off. At least I bring them home alive and then let somebody else dispose of them, that is usually Den who takes the creature away , if he can catch it, he lets it go in another field.
13/07/2009 Not a lot to write about at the moment. We have both been going out almost every day just watching the birds and insects, and playing about. Life is a bit boring.

Shang Moon is a Balinese (Longhair Siamese)x BSH
Tang Sun is a 3/4 Bengal, 1/4 BSH