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Shang`s picture gallery

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These pictures were taken between 19th June and 13th July  when I was between the  age of 9 weeks to 12 weeks. By the way my name is Shang, if you didn`t already know.

Can you see the spots on my belly?
can you see the spots on my belly
Shang Moon

Click on picture to see a much bigger version. Its worth it!!

Bottoms up
bottoms up.jpg
Shang Moon

As you can see I am very photogenic, every five minutes Den is taking a pic. Tang will be having his own page very very soon, even as I write pictures are being taken of him!!!
So far I have enjoyed living at Blodau Bach with my new family. there is so much going on all the time, I just about find time to sleep and eat.

Do you like my little friend?
do you like my little friend
Shang Moon
What yu looking at?
what yu looking at.?
Shang Moon

I am very good at retrieving all my toy mice. Just throw it and I will immediately return it to you, think I am better then any dog at retrieving, and I`m modest with it.LOL

Yu wanna a fight
yu wanna fight
Shang Moon

I don`t really no what to get up to next. I do like playing on the chaise especially with its cover on so I can get hold of all the edges that have not been machined up properly, it is slowly getting smaller and smaller as I rip of the threads. This is done on a daily basis. Eventually Maddy thats my mum will have to redo it again, pity she didnt do that in the first place.!!

These pictures are at 15 weeks of age

In the `In Tray`
In the `In Tray`
Shang Moon 15 weeks
Taking it easy on the desk
Taking it easy on the desk.
Shang Moon 15 weeks

What have I found here?
What Have I found Here?
Shang Moon

In this picture I can been seen in the garden with a harness and lead on, its not to bad and I am getting used to it now, at least I wont be tempted to run off and climb a tree and end up getting stuck, also I can be dragged away from all the wasps and bees. From what I`ve heard a nasty sting can be had from there and it is not to clever to eat them.

Look at the toes!!
Look at the toes!!
Shang Moon 15 weeks

At the scratching post
At the scratching post.
Shang Moon

Nice and cosy
Nice and cosy.

Extract from my diary
My lovely fur coat has been shaved on my side, but showing a lovely pattern on my skin, it looks like I have had a tattoo. The vet said she had never seen a cats skin patterned like that before, she was even trying to get the stripes evenly matched when she was stitching me up, and one of the vetinerary nurses said if I belonged to her she would shave all my fur off, and that I was one funky cat!!!

As you can see I have managed to climb the blinds with the intention of `pulling down the blinds` a phrase I hear quite often. I will manage it one day, probably with a little help from my friend.

Shang Moon is a Balinese (Longhair Siamese)x BSH
Tang Sun is a 3/4 Bengal, 1/4 BSH