Shang and Tang

Shang Moon`s Daily Diary 2008

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Shang Moon. DOB.Friday 25th April 2008
Tang Sun.DOB. Friday 13th June 2008
Diary as told by Shang  and put into print
by Maddy
17/06/2008  Arrived at my new home. Think I`ll like it.
18/06/2008  Weighed in at 1lb.10oz at 8 weeks
21/06/2008  Got lost in the house, was found after 15mins.
behind  the kitchen cupboards. The fridge/freezer was moved to get me out.
26/06/2008  First Vaccination. 35.25 Spot On (on the neck).
Droncit  1/4 tablet.
06/07/2008 Got weighed. 2lb.6 ozs. at nearly 11 weeks
07/07/2008  Eye infection from 29th June. Drops from vet.     
Passed it on to Maddy and Den.(My new mum and dad)
10/07/2008  Went in garden. Liked it, made several attempts to escape.
13/07/2008  Went in garden again this time with a harness on.
Took about 1/2 hour to get harness on with many scratches and bites. Enjoyed it. Another 1/4 Droncit wormer. Got weighed. 2lb.9ozs at 12 weeks
16/07/2008  Left on own today for awhile. Didn`t seem any
worse for wear. Was happy to see Maddy and Den and accepted being stroked without biting and scratching. Now have a scratching post as a pressy for being left home alone.
17/07/2008  Went out in garden again with harness. This time it only took about 1/4 hr. to put on and not much scratching and biting. Getting better. Really enjoyed it.
18/07/2008  Last vaccination today, untill next year. Didn`t like the girl vet, hissed at her and would have scratched and bitten her if I could. Eyes getting better. The injection has left me a bit tired and wobbly on my feet, am sleeping it off
tonight. Got free PetPlan insurance for a month, won`t bother when it runs out, to expensive and there is a 50 excess!!!.
20/07/2008  Weighed in at 2lb. 14oz at 13 weeks
27/07/2008  Weighed in at 3lb 2 oz at 14 weeks  
01/08/2008  Have learnt to retrieve my toy mouse. Maddy or Den throw it and I bring it back. I must put it in their hand or I don`t get another go. Good game.           
03/08/2008  Weighed in at  3lb 5oz at 15 weeks   
05/08/2007  Merlin a neighbourhood cat called round. Think he would eat me if given the chance. Will steer clear of him.
07/08/2008  Am now 15 weeks old and very sleek, I have a lot of Balanese in me, apart from the tabby face and striped legs, could be a bit of Bengal as well.
09/08/2008  All the ornaments and breakable things are being
removed from all the low places. Have walked along the mantle piece in dining room and along the dresser. Am not allowed on the table, but occasionally stroll across it when
nobody is looking.
10/08/2008  Weighed in at 3lb.8oz at 16 weeks
11/08/2008  Den been taken loads of pictures of me sleeping in the `in tray` on Maddy`s desk. Think he needs to get a life!!!!
14/08/2008  Ate some grass today and threw up, feel like a real cat now. 12 days to go until my playmate arrives. Am waiting to get an email from Karen with Tang`s weight, hope he isn`t much bigger then me. Should be getting a picture as well.
17/08/2008  Weighed in at 3lb.14oz. at 17 weeks put on 6oz this week!!!! Tried eating the grass again today. Still threw up!!DIY going on today. Den is making me a climbing frame. Should be big enough for Tang when he arrives. Can`t wait.
19/08/2008  Tang had his first injection for all the usual stuff. Found that out from Karen the breeder. Don`t think any pictures will be arriving, never mind.
20/08/2008  Been told off a few times today for biting. Got locked out of the sitting room this evening. Keep forgetting my mum and dad haven`t got fur coats, just skin that punctures easily. Hope Tang won`t mind a bit of rough and tumble.
20/08/2008  Family from London arrived including a little
Jack Rusell called Tilley. First time I have seen so many new faces in one go, and have never seen a dog before. Well I must admit I am a bit nervous, she barks but I think that is to try and scare me, but as long as I have the conservatory door between us we will both be safe. Perhaps by the end of the holiday I may be a bit braver, just watch this space.
20/08/08 Spent the first part of the evening in the Summer house for small cats, wasn`t to bad.
21/08/2008 More new faces arrived today, Caryl and John, The parents of Paula, Maddy and Den`s daughter-in-law. Really nice couple. By the way I`ll mention Simon, Maddy and Den`s son and their grandchildren Daniel and Matthew, they are twins.
24/08/2008  This is my third stay in the Summer house for small cats. End up spending a lot of time sleeping unless there are some squirrels or birds outside to keep me amused. Matt, 
Dan and family came to visit today, enjoyed the attention and
playing games with them.    
25/08/2008  Maddy and Den picked Tang up today. He is very
nice, but oh so tiny. I snarled and hissed a bit, he didn`t bat  an eyelid. I thought he would be a push over untill he hissed back. Of course I backed off. Tang weighed in at 1lb.12oz. at 10 weeks. I weighed more then that at his age. HaHa. We`ll see who`s going to be the biggest cat. Didn`t want to get weighed today but my parents did it while I was asleep in the `InTray` on the office desk. The box and I (being very correct) weighed 5lb.1.1/2oz. As yet they haven`t got my weight because I am still asleep!!!! Well the box has now been  weighed leaving my current weight  3lb.15oz, just an 1oz on last week. Maddy said the Petplan insurance for Tang, lasts for six weeks, two weeks more then mine. Mines run out now so I just cannot get ill.
26/08/2008  Expect my weight will be skyhigh at the next weigh in. Tang is always eating so I have to eat more to keep up with him. He is still so tiny I don`t know where he is putting it all. He had a dump in his tray and Den had to light an incense stick to freshen the air.
27/08/2008  Tang was left with me today while Maddy & Den  went to work. We were separated by glass doors but it was good, I could keep an eye on him. They were pleased with me when they got home. Tang is a bit of a lazy so and so, he will not cover up his business in his dirt tray. Another job for me to do, if thats how its going to be I may just as well use the same tray.
28/08/2008 New developments we both ate out of the same bowl. No hissing or slapping going on. Its usually me that is causing a disturbance but things are getting quite cosy. Have had a long long nap today, feel absolutely shattered looking after Tang. Maddy took me for a walk while it was still dry, saw a baby frog in a bowl that has been put out to catch rainwater for me; we took it out of bowl and set it free on the grass. At least it will live to see another day. Climbed up one of the trees in the garden, great fun.
29/08/2008  Maddy`s gone down to the shop today,she has a Witch craft shop in Llandeilo (scarey) so its up to Den to feed us. We were left together on our own while Den took Maddy to Llandeilo and I was very good. Tang is getting a bit better at standing up for himself now, and will hiss and hit me back if I try to be to bossy. In return for being to bossy I gave him a good clean up washing the parts he doesn`t bother with, in fact I`ve never see him wash yet. Think he is a typical male. LOL Maddy goes out saying she can smell him on her, and it is not said in a kind way, think you know what I mean. I think I smell rather sweet, like a delicate rose.  Merlin turned up (neighbours cat) this evening and if it wasn`t for the conservatory glass doors he would have had me for supper, and he is one big dude.
31/08/2008  Tang managed to get weighed today. 2lb.2.1/2oz.    an increase of 6.1/2oz. Not bad but he will need to put on plenty of  pounds to fight with me. I wasn`t going to be weighed today, just in case I haven`t put much on. I`ve been banned from the conservatory where Tang is for playing  to rough. Think he just makes more noise then anything else. I shared the feeding bowl with him so I must like him, and what about covering up his mess in the dirt box, how many humans would do that for somebody they didnt like. Think about it. Maddy is a little concerned with Tang, he has  got a bit of a cough and seems a bit quite. She told Den about it in the early hours of the morning so he had words with `great spirit` in the sky for some healing for Tang and he was a lot more lively this morning and certainly a change from last night.
01/09/2008  New month begins and I can hear a whistling coming from the upstairs bedroom, it`s only 8am, that`s Den trying to get my attention, of course he is still in bed. I go up there say hello and goodbye. Tang`s still asleep. I`ll soon wake him up when I give him a nip.  A wet and damp day so I won`t be going out for a walk. Tang is due for a top and tail clean up, then I can have a fight with him. For some reason I keep getting locked out of the conservatory when Tang is there for fighting, I`m not really hurting him, only doing the things most kids do when bored. When Tang is bigger he can get his own back, but at the moment the ball is in my court. Being on my best behaviour and allowed to gently play and box with Tang, he is giving back as good as he gets, anyway having a great game, and nearly time for a nap, exhausted. Wow!! am I dreaming that I am flying, only Maddy moving the `In Tray` she is determined to get me weighed this week, tray an all. Well the box and I are weighing 5lb. 8ozs, will let you know the results when I wake up later. I am now weighing in at 4lb.3ozs.  an increase of 4 ozs. Not bad at 19 weeks of age.
02/09/2008  Tang was due to go to the vets today to sort his cough out, but as he didn`t seem to bad Den decided to leave it for a couple of more days. He is due for his 2nd injection on Tuesday 9th Sept.  We had a great time playing all around the house today, well 3 rooms. Tang has started to be a bit more daring. He was really brave when Merlin appeared at the conservatory doors, of course they were closed. Merlin launched himself at the glass and I had the fright of my life, I really do not like him. But Tang just tried to climb the glass and just sat staring at him. Eventually Merlin gave up and went home, I then crept out of the sitting room and took a peek into the conservatory to see how safe it was.  I have been told to go to bed while Maddy is writing this diary but she has got her little helper there, I can see Tang walking across the keyboard and climbing all over her head and back. She is not amused.
03/09/08 Tang went to the vets today at long last. (cost 19.98 for check up and wormer) They were worried over his silly little cough. Anyway to cut a long story short. His temperature was Ok, and chest sound good. The vet came to the conclusion it could be worms, although he was given a 1/4 tablet in food a few days earlier but I may have eaten that because Tang didn`t want it, so he had a wormer tablet from the vet , that may do the job. He got weighed and was 1kg, 2lb.2oz. almost the same weight that Maddy had for him a couple of days ago. I was certainly pleased to see Tang when he got back, we had a good old chase around the house and now we are having a nap sitting on Den`s lap. Merlin seems to be a regular visitor to our garden. He will insist on launching himself against the conservatory doors trying to frighten the living daylights out of me, he is doing a jolly good job of it. 
04/09/2008 I`ve done something to my eye or I have got another eye infection. Maddy has been putting drops in it. Tang still coughing. It was decided that he may sleep in the dining room with me, but there was to much fighting going
on so he has gone back to the conservatory again. Perhaps when he is a bit bigger. Maddy and Den commented today on me not biting them anymore, well I don`t have to now, I have got Tang.
05/09/2008 Den looking after us today while Maddy`s at the shop. Had a great day, apart from weepy eyes and now Tangs cough. Have been told I am a bit hyper active so can only play quite games when it is nearly time for bed. Tang was allowed to sleep with me in the dining room on the big leather armchair. The armchair is in the dining room because the sitting room wasn`t big enough for the whole suite.
06/09/2008 Am having Optrex infected eye drops in my eye. Maddy had a new bottle so she is trying it, if it doesn`t she will have to get some from the vets. Think the eye problem may be connected to my cold. Tang still coughing like a goodun and sneezing. His temperature was 39.4 c and mine 38.9c, only taking from under the arm, not the ideal place. Tangs will need an eye kept on it.
07/09/2008  Temperatures and weights taken today. My weight is 4lb.10ozs. (2.1kilo) Takes a bit of working out converting from kilos to lbs. Tang weights 2lb.10ozs. (1.2kilos) at 12 weeks. He has just started to really explore the house. He can now climb the stairs to Maddy and Dens bedroom, and also to the top of the climbing frame that Den made. Have heard that it may be transformed into a sort of inside tree house for us when we get bigger. How cool is that.
08/09/2008 Off to the vets again this morning, we have both been hacking and sneezing all night. That set Maddy and Den back another 30. I opted for the carrying basket while Tang had to make do with a cardboard box, just as well he had the box, he had a little accident in it, well not so little. The box had to be dumped, does that tell you something. We are both on antibotics since our colds are being so stubborn. Can`t see me getting through antibiotics for 5 days, the stuff tastes like sugar sweetener, imagine taking a spoonful of that in one go, not mixed in a drink .Urgh!!!! I heard Maddy mention Sweetex, because she had a taste of it herself. Tang seemed to take the medicine a bit better then me, at least he didn`t spit half of it out.
10/09/2008   Still feel a bit lightheaded with all the antibiotics. Got left with Tang today while Maddy and Den were at work. Was able to dart around the dining room and conservatory chasing Tang all day, think it wore him out. Tried a raw meat bone today, not particularly impressed with it. Think Tang agrees with me. Can`t confirm it yet because he is asleep.
11/09/2008  I was tired last night, so tired I got up in the morning and went upstairs to Maddy and Den and had another dose while they were having their cuppa. They do like a cuppa in bed. This cold is getting to me a bit. I am a lot better but my eyes are still a bit weepy. Tang seems fine now and he is the one that passed this virus about. Another day and a half on the disgusting medicine. Den is going to see if Tang is fit enough to have his 2nd vaccination tomorrow. At least Tang is now washing himself and covering his toilet up in his dirt tray.
13/09/08 Feel rough this morning. Got to have medicine for a few more days yet. Den got eye drops from vets, could hardly see this morning. The eye problems go hand in hand with the cold so the vet told Den. Tang had his 2nd injection today, his vaccination is now complete untill next year. He is better now, just one more dose of the antibiotics for him. Maddy tried the raw meat bone again, still didnt like it,  she then baked it in the oven, a bit more appetizing, but think I will leave it out. Tang enjoys playing with it and manages to find a bit of dried up meat on it.
14/09/2008 One more day of that disgusting medicine. Have still got a bit of a cough but heard Maddy say it could be worms. Urgh!!!  Tang is in top form, all over the place, he put on a massive 10 plus ounces. I managed 4.1/2oz. not bad, I still look nice and slim. Had a video clip taken today, it was mainly of Tang but I am no show off. Had a surprise today, a large coloured something or other turned up in the garden. Heard Den saying Charlie has come back, and he must give him some seed. Charlie is a stray pheasant, he did have a partner called Camilla but she disappeared last year. In fact Charlie hasn`t been here since last Christmas Den was saying. Tang and I spent several exciting minutes looking at this strange bird. Later on in the day I went for a walk and who did you think I saw. Yes, it was Charlie, I did try to stalk him but kept feeling a tug on my harness, and Maddy started hissing at me. She has read that by hissing at me I will know I am doing something that I must not do. Whether it will work or not remains to be seen!!! After I got back and my harness was removed I was surprised to see Maddy putting it on Tang, thought she was making the dinner, but never the less the harness was in place and Tang taken out. Don`t think he went far, mainly because he has only had his injections and should be kept indoors for another two weeks , think I first went out at a week. He just came in and went to sleep so didn`t get to find out how he did or where he went. Was really surprised that he let a harness be put on him so easily. Think that was just a fluke. We will see!!
16/09/08  Tang is not as silly as I thought. He missed his dirt tray, only by a little bit, but do you know what he did. Well he actually covered his accident up by scooping the cat litter pellets out of the box and onto the floor.  A clever little so and so. Maddy and Den went out to Tai Chi so we have been banged up all day with just the birds to look at out in the garden. Glad we have got windows all around us plenty of places to look out at.
17/09/2008  Maddy and Den out today so we have been left to our own devices. Most of the day was spent sleeping, but the evening turned out to be a bit more exciting. Merlin the neighbourhood cat turned up at about 10pm, we were still wide awake, he was thumping on the conservatory doors to get our attention, think he got the attention of the whole house, Maddy and Den came running to see what the fuss was about and they caught  me thumping back at the window, Tang was watching in the background. If we had some boxing gloves on it would have been laughable, here we were both boxing each other, the only problem was a thick sheet of glass between us. Think I won that match because Merlin gave up and disappeared. Wait untill Tang grows up we will see how Merlin reacts then. Am sure he will be bigger then all of us. Tang has now decided to share the shelf over the radiator, so at night two of us are squashed together on the shelf, will be better when Den does the extension he has been talking about.
18/09/2008  Lovely sunny day, when out for a walk over in the woods. Maddy was surprised I didn`t struggle when my harness was put on. Still a bit nervous when the cars and tractors are about, but I will get used to is. Tang went out today as well, and again he just let his harness be put on. Should say my harness, it is pink and not really suitable for him, and the colour looks naff against his brown spotted coat.
A little bit of interesting news. Maddy has just realised Tang was born on Friday the 13th, is that creepy or not.
21/09/2008 Sunday weighing session. I love going in the weighing bag, but Tang is a bit of a job. Tang is now weighing a massive 4lb, and I am just over 5lb, he is catching up fast. Me thinks he is going to be one big dude, think Merlin will have met his match. Tang has just started to explore under the bed, there are about 6 large plastic boxes stored there (they hold all Maddy`s wheat for corn dolly making) with gaps between them it is like going through avenues in the park. We have great fun playing hide and seek.
25/09/2008 Went out for walk today because Tang had a new collar, but of course it was too big for him and he slipped out of it. Think a few more weeks are needed. I had a great time climbing the tree in the corner of the garden near the compost bins. I was climbing the tree spread-eagled. I had my right front paw and right back leg on one tree and my left paw and left back leg on another tree, can you just imagine it.Ooh
02/10/2008  Maddy and Den`s Anniversary today, so as a surprise I have shown Tang how to get up the funny old stairs we have. How pleased they were. Making a fuss of both of us, just like little kids. While I am thinking about it, I have heard talk about me having an operation, something about being spayed, so I can`t have kittens. Seems rather harsh to me, but Den and Maddy must know what is best for me, and I trust them with my life.
05/10/2008  The weather isnt to bad today so we get to go out for a walk, it was very pleasant, but the grass was really wet, must tell Den to get the mower out when it is drier. It seems as though we both did well with our weigh in`s. I am now 6lb and Tang is 5lb.1.1/2oz. Nearly up to my weight, but at the end of the day he is going to be a big cat, large bones etc.,whereas I will be sleek and elegant looking.
08/10/2008 I haven`t eaten since last night because of my op. Not looking forward to this. Due to go in at 9 and it should all be over by 10. Maddy and Den picked me up from vets at 4.30pm, am still feeling groggy and falling all over the place. My lovely fur coat has been shaved on my side, but showing a lovely pattern on my skin, it looks like I have had a tattoo. The vet said she had never seen a cats skin patterned like that before, she was even trying to get the stripes evenly matched when she was stitching me up, and one of the veterinary nurses said if I belonged to her she would shave all my fur off, and that I was one funky cat!!! Had a couple of new mice bought for me, only toy ones,  to help me get through the trauma of the op. Tang is acting very strange with me and keeps on hissing; wonder whether he can smell the antiseptic on me where I have had stitches.
09/10/2008 Am full of beans today, must be something to do with the injections I had the day before, feel really hyped up. Must have spent at least 3 hours running all over the place with Tang (he`s not hissing at me so much now). Now I`ve crashed out, must have been dead to the world, I say that because I was woken up by Maddy and Den prodding me, they thought I had snuffed it.
12/10/2008 Lovely sunny day, went out for a walk with Tang, Maddy and Den, climbed a few trees, had a great time. By the way my eyes have now turned a lovely shade of green, no, I`m not jealous, they are a sort of jade green, and looks perfect with my hair colouring. Oh! I am so vain!!!
14/10/2008 Well I don`t know what has got into me, could be something to do with it being a full moon today. I just cannot stop climbing the windows, I did get to the top of the blinds which are rolled up and tried to swing myself along the top of blind but alas! I fell off just missing a 14lb cast iron weight which was on the windowsill. You may ask what on earth was that there for. Think  it was something to do with keeping the end of the blind down while the window was open so me and Tang could`nt escape. You should have heard the screams of alarm from Maddy, because she thought I would fall off. Well I did. Thank goodness my stitches are still holding together.
19/10/2008 Looks like we have lost another play area. It was great fun climbing down between the stairs which then lead us either along the skirting board and out into the kitchen or by  making a diversion we found ourselves in the cupboard under the stairs, there is stacks of things to play with, the box full of recycled rubbish, fluffy dusters, and recently bags of wheat heads that Maddy has been storing, don`t know what for, most of her time is taken up making corn dollies and no time left for trying to do things with the scrap. Well, that has all finished, Den has put a piece of wood in the cupboard barring our entrance. Drat and drat again. Will just have to find some more secret hidey holes.
26/10/2008 Another week passed, so much rain have`nt been able to get out much. Tang has been eating more of the Royal Canin food and his weight has passed mine, but never mind "I am A Lady" he is going to be one big bruiser. Wish he would`nt torment me with his tail, he flicks it about just like a bull whip and it looks like one. Lets hope it improves as he gets older. The funny thing about it, he doesnt realise its his tail and he is forever chasing it, yes thats right going round and round in circles!!! Tang`s tail is a law unto its self.
02/11/2008 I have been climbing the blinds today with the intention of `pulling them down`. That is the phrase I heard from Maddy all the time telling Den to pull the blinds down. Pictures of me have been taken. As it is sunny today we had a great walk in the garden, Tang is getting good at climbing now, half way up a 100ft lime tree, and also up the pebble dash on the house. I can see him up on the roof before long. Tang is now weighing in at 7.1/2lb pound and I am 6lb.13oz, not bad weights for kittens.
09/11/2008 It has poured down with rain today and thunder and lightning. Must admit I was a bit scared of the storm, and I think Tang was so we disappeared up into the bedroom, if felt safer there. Mind you we were tired, we spent the previous evening running round the house like we were on something. Think it must have been the effects of the moon, it is coming up to a full one and we could see it quite bright in the sky.
10/11/2008 Don`t know if Den is being kind or cruel. He has brought the bird house back from over in our woods and placed it right outside the conservatory window. We are watching birds all day, would love to get out to them, and to crown it all he has placed fat balls all over the holly tree on the other side of the conservatory window, so you can imagine the sight, two of us darting to and fro from either side of the room just to get a glance at the flying birds. It is mostly blue tits, sparrows and blackbirds at the moment, and a woodpecker did make an appearance.
12/11/2008 Catastrophe!!!! Tang was in the hall climbing on the window sill to reach a crystal drop, which he managed to do and was banging it against the stained glass window. Den tried to stop him but he fell down on top of Maddy`s art nouveau plant pot holder and sent it crashing to the floor. Was Maddy upset, her gran gave it to her 30 years ago and it was old then, never mind the cost which could have been considerable, it was the sentiment. Don`t think she is talking to him yet.
13/11/2008 Tang still getting up to mischief. He will insist on climbing on top of the dresser, it is the highest point in the dining room. I think Den needs to finish our extension above the radiator. If he makes one of the boxes higher then the dresser Tang won`t need to climb it anymore, he would actually be touching the ceiling, and he can`t go higher then that. Can he? Maddy and Den dont` want to stifle his wild side (Asian leopard cat) by keeping him on the ground all the time.
15/11/2008  Maddy and Den at work today so Tang and I took the opportunity of catching up on some sleep. With the evenings drawing in now it gets dark earlier. Thank goodness Maddy has left a light on for us at least we can go and have a pee and get something to eat. Tang has now reached the highest point he can, he was on top of the conservatory door, he can`t get any higher at the moment unless Den builds another storey to the climbing frame, which he has been promising to do for ages now.
17/11/2008 Went out for a short walk today, it was a bit wet but still managed to have a look around the garden. Tang made several leaps up the tree in the corner of the garden, that is both our favourites its a lime tree, probably mentioned this before. Maddy`s birthday today, won`t mentioned her age just in case she reads this.
24/11/2008 Not raining today so we got to go out for a walk. Almost forgot what the outside was like. It was good. Tang went potty climbing a tree and he is really good at getting down again, just like a monkey. Tang doesnt know it yet but he is going to be neutered on Wednesday. I will miss him for the day, but he is going to be missing something big time.LOL
26/11/2008 Maddy and Den up early today,  taking Tang to be castrated. urgh!!!  Well it seems he is over his surgery OK and darting all over the place. I was like that when I had my op, there is definately something in the pain killers or antibiotics the vets gave us.
27/11/2008 Tang back to normal, but he still smells of antiseptic. I don`t like it, it makes me want to bite and snarl at him, be glad when he smells of his old self. Maddy had a good game of hiding seek today with both of us. Probably felt guilty for going out to a meal and leaving us, they werent long, just went around the corner to Pantglas.
31/11/2008 Well it seems I am in Maddy`s bad books again. Just broke a very nice little bowl Maddy had just bought from the charity shop, only cheap but because it was so nice she decided to keep it instead of selling it in her shop. Maddy has found a little lump on Tang`s side. Not sure if it is where he was injected for his operation, or it could be a cyst.
1/12/2008 You are not going to believe it but I have done it again. I climbed up on a high cupboard in the itchen where Maddy has put everything she doesn`t want me and Tang to break. Well she had put a very old blue/white china pig that her grandmother had given her, it was already an antigue 30 years ago. I managed to knock it off the cupboard and it bounced on athe work surface, luckily only the ear broke off. Den is going to mend it, but now me and Tang are not allowed in the kitchen unsupervised.
26/12/2008 Well it has been a couple of weeks since this diary was updated. Not much happening, Maddy and Den been to busy with Yuletide and then Xmas. Never ending. Had a couple of nice presents, things to play with, and a nice set of cat toys  off my cousins Matt, Dan and family. Went out today for a very interesting walk. I managed to climb on top of a gazebbo in the woods garden and Maddy couldn`t get me down, nor could Den either. In the end I panicked and jumped into the bushes and shot across the road to the front garden of the house. Thought that was pretty good, at least I know where the house is if I get lost in the future. Den had to move the chaise lounge in the conservatory and guess what he found. Our entire stock of pens and things under it, at the last count I heard Maddy saying there were 19 biros, 5 elastic bands, a pair of glasses with a beaded strap and a glasses case, think there may be a bit more hidden as well. Well it looks like I me and Tang will have to get stocked up again.
               End of diary for 2008

Shang Moon is a Balinese (Longhair Siamese)x BSH
Tang Sun is a 3/4 Bengal, 1/4 BSH