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This is where we live

Short history of the Bengal Breed
The Bengal is a fairly new breed of cat, first bred in the USA and was originally created by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat. The Bengal names comes from the Latin name of its wild ancestore, Felis Bengalensis, meaning Asian Leopard Cat.  The Bengal coat is patterned with spotted or marbled effect, which is like Tang, and they display a gold or pearl dusting effect (glitter) of the Bengal, even the voice is different from other domestic cats. They can coo and chirp, and like to jump and somersault. They also love to play with water!

Favourite toys
Felt mice got 6 so far
I fluffy hamster looking thing, getting slightly damaged
Scratching posts 3 so far
Fluffy thing on a stick 2 damaged 1 good
Paper to shred
Biros to shove around the floor
Bits of tape from trouser legs
Strips of cardboard

Google has added their own line.
The nine lives of our two cats. I`ve looked through this website and cannot find any reference that Maddy used these words. Our names came from a dream Den had, he was first given the two names about 5 years ago, then he had another dream that Shang would be the Hunter and Tang the Magician.
Maddy has since looked up some interesting facts on our names the info she came up with is as follows:-
Emperor Shang (695 or 698 – September 5, 714), also known as Emperor Shao, personal name Li Chongmao, was an Emperor of the Tang Dynasty of China,
Another piece of info from a different era
The Shang used to be an old tribe that lived in the lower part of the Yellow River and was also a branch of the Xia Kingdom.  The Xia dynasty was overturned by the Chief of the Shang tribe “Tang”. So Tang established the Shang Dynasty and made Bo city his capital (Present day Caoxian county in Shandong province)

Somemore info on Shang this time The Shang

The shang (Tibetan: gchang) is a flat ritual upturned handbell employed by Bönpo and Asian shamans. The sizes of the shang range from approximately 3 to 20 inches in diameter. It is traditionally held to have originated in Zhangzhung and is symbolically similar to the tantric dril-bhu. Shang are traditionally consecrated and made of sophisticated metallic alloy. The Bönpo or shaman may use this instrument as a tool to 'caste' or 'throw' thoughts. The shang may also be used to receive information from the æther.

Sourced from Wilkpedia

We may stay here sometimes as well
maddy`s house

Short Histroy of the Balinese Breed (Longhair Siamese)
Little is known about the early history of the Balinese. Some say that at least one Chinese tapestry depicts pointed longhairs. The Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF) had a longhair Siamese (which is what Balinese actually are and what they were originally called) registered in 1928. However, the history starts later, in the 1950's, when true breeding programmes were established. 

It is believed that "fuzzy" kittens were born to Siamese litters from time to time. This longer coat being undesirable, this changed in the 1950's when two Siamese breeders, Mrs. Marion Dorsey of Rai-Mar Cattery in California & Mrs. Helen Smith of MerryMews Cattery in New York, both found longhairs in their Siamese litters and were quite taken by their beauty. that they began breeding to produce longhair Siamese. 

It was Helen Smith who came to name these cats Balinese, because she felt that the name Long Hair Siamese did not flow well and that they greatly resembled the grace & elegance of the Balinese dancers.  Helen & Marion worked together during the 1950's & 1960's to develop breeding stock and to gain recognition as a new mutation breed. Mrs. Dorsey showed in a CFF show in Glendale, California as early as 1956. It is due to these two women and their foresight that we have the Balinese to enjoy today.

Favourite Games
Retrieving felt mice
Hitting ball around on scratching post
Catching fluffy thing
Trying to catch flies, bees, wasps spiders and ants,
which is a bit difficult when on a collar and lead.
No longer on a lead so now catches bank voles and shakes them
to death.

Favourite Foods and drinks
Royal Canin 36 dried food
Raw mince especially M&S mince
The jelly on Felix pouches for kittens
Bit of chicken not fussed
Rain water
Fizzy water without the fizz

Shang Moon is a Balinese (Longhair Siamese)x BSH
Tang Sun is a 3/4 Bengal, 1/4 BSH