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Carmarthen Market
Christmas Wish List

Father Christmas.

Dear Father Christmas
I`m a little girl and I wish I had a Dolls House for Christmas. My mum and dad would love to have a House Sign ,but they haven`t  got a name yet.  My older sister Sarah would love some Jewellery and I heard Ben saying he would like some Videos, or Cds, and little Jessica would love some Toys or perhaps a party dress.
Do you think you could send Uncle Dai some Tools or a Wine Kit, and my Aunty Lucy some Aromatheraphy Oils or perhaps a good book.
Not sure about Granma and Grandpa, do you think they would like a Turkey, cooked meats and some Fruit.
I know I`m asking a lot but while I`m here could you give Cousin Harry something nice to wear and get him to have his hair cut because my dad said he looks scruffy.
Think that`s about it for my Christmas list at the moment.
Thank you,
Molly xxxxxx
P.S. Could you send some Flowers to my best friends mum, and a present for the dog and cat.